Cambodia to Host Asian Mixed Martial Arts Championship

Federation secretary-general Chim Theara (in circle) said most of the 45 Asian countries will take part and Fighters in action at One Championship. Photo: One Championship

PHNOM PENH – Cambodian fighters are to show their skills and promote Khmer martial arts as the country hosts the Asian Mixed Martial Art Championship in July.

The 2nd Asian Mixed Martial Arts Championship 2024 will take place from the 11th  to the 13th, organized by the Cambodian Mixed Martial Arts Federation. 

The tournament also serves as a qualification round for the 6th Asian Indoor and Martial Art Games 2021 hosted by Thailand at the end of the year. The games have been delayed several times due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Federal secretary-general Chim Theara said most of the 45 Asian countries will take part.  

“We know that this tournament will be attended by many countries because it is not only the Asian Championships but also the most important event to qualify for the 6th Asian Indoor and Martial Art Games 2021 at the end of 2024, which is a major Asian multi-sport and multi-disciplinary event with 45 participating countries,” he said.

He said the Mixed Martial Art Federation and Olympic Council of Asia acknowledged Cambodia’s potential to host such an international tournament along with the diversity of martial arts such as UNESCO-listed kun bokator and kun Khmer.

Hosting the championship is also an opportunity for Cambodian MMA to show the local potential of this sport while promoting Khmer martial arts to be include in the games.

“First of all, we aim to spread mixed martial arts to the Cambodian people. Secondly, we want to promote Khmer martial arts to the world, proving that our martial arts also have potential and techniques and can compete with other martial arts within the framework of international mixed martial arts,” he said.

Cambodian athletes bagged two bronze medals at the first championship in 2023 hosted by Thailand. 


Originally written in Khmer for ThmeyThmey, this article was translated by Torn Chanritheara for Cambodianess.

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