Angkor Dictation Competition: PM Applauds Winners, Stresses Khmer Literature's Significance

The photos shows the three winners from left to right: Van Vida (L), Cheng Ratana (C) and third place to Youb Sokheak (R). Photo by Sem Vanna

PHNOM PENH—The first Angkor Diction Competition concluded on January 21, with three winners selected from among more than 700 contestants.

Cheng Ratana emerged as the first-place winner in the national dictation competition, having misspelled only two words in the test. Van Rida secured the second-place position with three misspelled words, while Youb Sokheak claimed the third-place spot.

Following the announcement of the results, Prime Minister Hun Manet sent a congratulatory message via Telegram to the three winners, urging Cambodian children to embrace and preserve Khmer literature.

“The Angkor Dication Competition emphasizes the promotion and motivation of Cambodian children to deepen their love for Khmer literature, while also showcasing the remarkable world heritage intertwined with the rich cultural realities of the Kingdom of Cambodia,” wrote Hun Manet.

He further emphasized that the event aligned with the government's Phase I Pentagonal Strategy, which prioritizes strengthening the education sector through enhanced quality and training, as well as fostering an environment that promotes lifelong learning.

The first Angkor Dictation Competition was a collaborative effort between the Ministry of Education, Youth, and Sports, the Ministry of Culture and Fine Arts, the Ministry of Tourism, various media outlets, and private entities. The competition attracted a diverse group of participants, with over 700 individuals ranging in age from under 10 to over 60 years old.

The article was later corrected to change the Angkor Writing to Angkor Dictation Competition event.

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